Viidakon Tähtöset 2 | BEFORE – AFTER


This photoshoot was done already at 2013, but finally I managed to make this blog article out of it. I also publish here PHOTOS and making of stuff (thank you Veiko Tökman for some nice “side shots” from the photoshoot) THAT HAVE NEVER BEFORE BEEN PUBLISHED ANYWHERE. And I also attached here the photo of the complete workgroup and the promovideo of this TV-series.

Viidakon Tähtöset 2 was a Finnish TV-series. During year 2013 it was aired from channel Sub in Finnish national TV (MTV Media).

I shot all photographs, made all retouching, planned the ideas with promotion producer (Veli Matinmikko), gathered the workgroup, searched and booked the studio etc. And because I am also a graphic designer, I also created all advertising prints and animated web banners and other graphics to promote the series on web, on the streets and on printed media.

Lighting setup was done with six Elinchrom-studiolights, and you may quite well see the lighting setup here in one making of photo below. On the ground we had some sand and dead vegetation (thanks Akira for that), that made it quite easy for me clip models out from their original backgrounds and to change them to appear to be standing in the middle of the real jungle. Probably I succeeded quite well because during these years afterwards many people have assumed that I actually was with those tv-stars in the jungle. Too bad I was not, just had to do my magic in the studio environment and retouching. I shot all models from the front and also from their left and right hand sides, to be able to choose afterwards the final position & setups in the marketing material we made.

The stylists and makeup people did so amazing job – the transformations were unbelievable between before and after the makeup and styling sessions.

In the retouching I had some hard times to get this crossbow to be accepted by the channel director (Leina is holding the bow in her hand). The original crossbow we had with us in the photoshoots was too aggressive for them. Yes, it looks a bit like a machine gun, as you may see in the BEFORE-photo in the top. So I had to make it shorter and less aggressive looking. You may see the final result in the AFTER-photo. The crossbow in now shorter and not so modern looking.

Models from the left (main final image): Niina Lavonen, Susanna Indren, Anna Strömberg, Sabina Särkkä, Niko Saarinen, Emmi Lehtomaa, Leina Ogihara, Katri Sorsa, Nina Hämäläinen, Minna Sara.

As you can see, I had tons of pics to choose from – something like 1000 images. Here below I attached quite a big bunch of those unedited photos from the shoot, that have never been published anywhere before.

Workgroup: Anne Flink (MUA), Akira Ahola (props, set design), Anne-Mari Pahkala (styling) and their assistants.

Production company:  Moskito Television Oy

Studio where shot: Angel Films Oy

See the promovideo: