IronMan Cosplay Johnnie Saares

IronMan Cosplay, BEFORE – AFTER

DRAG the slider in the image above to see BEFORE - AFTER -images. Awesome cosplayer visited me at the studio. We had tens of amazing photos, more coming soon!. This is the first one. See BIGGER IMAGE here. Model: Johnnie Stark Cosplay:

Riina Seise häävalokuva potretti

Wedding & hair model / Riina Seise

Hair stylist Laura Hänninen / Kouvola, Finland wanted to attend a national hair competion with these hair images and she won the competion! Congratulations Laura! Model: Riina Seise ( ) Hair / Muah: Laura Hänninen ( )  

Revlon Stylemasters 2018 / Country Winner Finland

Revlon Stylemasters 2018 / Country Winner Finland

This photoshoot was done to hair stylist Laura Hänninen from Kouvola. Model is Oona Hallivuori. She participated to Revlon Stylemasters 2018 -hair stylist competion with these three photos. Laura won the Finland's country competion with these images.

Viidakon Tähtöset 2 - AFTER

Viidakon Tähtöset 2 | BEFORE – AFTER

This photoshoot was done already at 2013, but finally I managed to make this blog article out of it. I also publish here PHOTOS and making of stuff (thank you Veiko Tökman for some nice "side shots" from the photoshoot) THAT HAVE ...